World Funride Champs 2013


2013 Argus. What a jol Cape Town is!
We had the privilege to stay at Dreamhouse Guesthouse. WOW!! 3 x WOW.
Good luck letters for the Argus. Special breakfast pack for the day. Fairwell drinks. The hostess’ attention to detail was impeccable!! We could not have had a better stay in Cape Town!! Definitely recommended. But they come at a price so be prepared. Brownie points in the bank is more worth that the $$$ in the bank!

So my Argus ride itself was pretty dull. Except for the nice medal I received at the finish for completing my 10Th race. Special to say the least!
I pedaled out from Houtbay for a nice 20km warm up to the start. The wind was a bit cruel but tame compared to some of the previous tours.

The race itself was interesting. The girls made it difficult to play tactics in the VA bunch and I got caught napping at the back of the bunch on the bottom of Chappies. That was the race over for me. We crused in leisurely in a time of 02:54. All my teeth and skin still on me and not on the tar. Success!

Argus for me a more about the vibe and the expo and the good food! Cape Town has so much to offer in this regard. Not to mention the spectacular views and scenery.
We’ll be back next year…….






We stayed over at Mankele for the weekend.
286km out of Pretoria heading out East on the N4. The route was quite easy to follow, N4 East and left on the R539.

With a warm welcome from the gate keeper right through to the complementary wine, it felt like home. The wooden cottage was super clean, spacious and well equipped. You name it, the cottage had it. Even an air conditioner! All for the price of R280 (If I remember correctly) per person.
They also have a HUGE camping sight and a couple of ready made tents that you can rent.

The swimming pool was well maintained and the little one played at hearts desire on the trampoline and jungle gyms.
An entertainment area with TV, pool table, foose table etc could make for a great night of fun should you decide to go as part of a big group.

There is a small shop with some bare necessities like beer, chips, sugar etc. and a little coffee shop.

As for the routes. 9/10. There were one or two spots where the signage was not perfect. That said, even I got home safe.
The routes are well maintained and the single track simple exquisite! Pine forest, waterfalls, hills, jeep track, down hills, bridges, ramps. It has it all.

All in all a very nice visit to the lowveld.

Races to look out for will be the Lowveld Quest and the Mankele 3 Towers. I think both of these will be awesome to do and stay over at Mankele.