Panorama 2015

So I returned to the Panorama after an absence of 8 years.

The event surely has grown.  I can still remember the great vibe back then and this also was still present in 2015.

What makes the Lowveld so amazing and unforgiving is the fact that there are not flat roads.  You are either going up or you are going down.
The 2015 tour was no exception. We totalled over 5000m accent over the 4 days!

The racing up front for the top 5 positions was pretty intense from what I understood.  Only on the last day the battle was won by Nico Bell and his partner.  A very well deserved win and breaking the TT course record to boot!  Just WOW!
As part of the “fun-rider” squat we had a look at our watts for direction and we kept the Norm Power at 341 for the hour.  Total time was 1:02:43.  Nico and partner rode no less than 5 minutes into us.  That is DAYLIGHT right there.  Huge congrats to them.

Jaco from TCS took a well deserved win in the Sub-Vets category.  Well done!

To all who finished, a big congratulations all around.

So with this we enter the final month of    Autumn.  The mornings are getting darker and colder.
Be safe out there and enjoy every pedal!




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