Race of truth


So I had the privilege to go do SA championships in  Nelspruit this past month.
I stayed over at the Mercure Hotel in Nelspruit.  What an amazing place!  The room was perfect and I stayed almost the whole day in there with the air conditioner at FULL blast!  Nelspruit’s heat was not holding back.

So the next morning I was out quite early.  With a 6:38am start it was going to be a nice cool ride for which I was very thankful for.
I had to make a couple of adjustments to the TT bike the previous night as the SA officials was not happy about the length of my handlebars.  With that in mind I had to go test them out before the race just to check if all was OK.

So in the starting pen.  Count down from 1min.  30sec.  10….9….8…7…1…GO!!

With any time trial it is very important not to start to hard.  So the first 10km is usually a mind game where you have to constantly check your watts in order for the adrenaline not to take over…..

My lap times were pretty constant.  My watts were better on lap two although I lost some time due to technical cornering around the circles that went haywire.

Lap 3 (final lap) was a flyer.  I gave 200% and was totally broken when I crossed the line.

Final clear from Dope Control and the race day was over.  Fortunately we did not have to wait for too long before the results came in.  3rd place.
Not what I was hoping for but a good result none the less.

Back home I had a chance to look at the figures.

Norm Power:
Lap 1 323w
Lap 2 331w
Lap 3 342w

Total for 3 laps:
333 Normalised Power with an average heart rate of 176 over a time of 46 minutes.
My best figures for the 2015 season

I’ll be back next year to try and see what can be done about this third place.

IMG_3581 IMG_3586 IMG_3588 SONY DSC


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