Vortex challenge

What could possibly be better than cycling in the bushveld on a nippy autumn morning?
With a nice late (8am) start, we all set off to the wild mall of the North, just 40km out of Pretoria. The sun was shining and the conversation started happening on the social media forums. The racing boys were eager to WIN!
We set off and it was immediately a cat and mouse game between the two big teams of the day, TCS Blue Pencil Columbia and Finishline Cycles and Finishline, a Johannesburg based team had brought a full Elite team to the race to stretch those winter legs.
Henning (TCS Blue Pencil Columbia) was the aggressor in the first 10km and it paid off when he got away with one of the Finishline guys, forming the main break for the day.
We managed to get Ian (TCS Blue Pencil Columbia) across to Henning in order to have better odds at winning the race.

With the main break decided for the day, TCS Blue Pencil Columbia decided to give the front guys enough of a gap before “playing around” in the second bunch.
We soon realised the Finishline cyclist had dropped from the front group and that meant 3rd place was up for grabs……An all TCS Blue Pencil Columbia podium was imminent.

The remaining TCS Blue Pencil Columbia riders in the bunch, Philip, Henru and Pieter, started attacking one after the other until the main peloton consisted of only 6 riders. From there we kept the pace and 20km from the finish it was crunch time.
Philip, (TCS Blue Pencil Columbia) upped the pace and went solo to try and give Henro an easy path to the finish line.
Henro waited patiently behind the Finishline rider that had to try close the gap to Philip and when the two eventually caught him, Henro attacked and took a well-deserved 3rd place, giving TCS Blue Pencil Columbia a 1-2-3 for the day.

Back in the ladies group, Leezaan fought her way to a second place in the Ladies category.

All in all it looks like TCS Blue Pencil Columbia is fit and ready for the summer classics approaching.







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