Kremetart 2013


TCS Blue Pencil / Columbia had the privilege to do the Kremetart cycle race in Louis Trichardt (Limpopo province) this past weekend.
We stayed over at the finish of Stage 3 – Old Veldskool that, each year, gives us the most amazing food and accommodation….well….the beds are “koshuis” style but still…..the food…..!

Saturday morning saw a huge Elite group, 3 ladies and 4 Sub-Vet riders line up for the racing part of the day.

The Elites had two men in contention after stage 1, having been in the deciding break. Jaco and Ian did well on stage 2 to stay in contention with the front runners but unfortunately Jaco had a mechanical problem resulting in a DNF. Ian was the leader and the notorious stage 3 took it’s toll. With temperatures in the forties, lots of guys cramped up.
All said and done, TCS finished in the top 20 overall which is a good result for a hard day’s work.

In the ladies, Lee-zaan, Ilze and Mia had the task to watch the likes of An-li and Lynette.
Lee-zaan ended off the day in 3rd place for the Vet ladies. A good result for the TCS ladies.

Vets had an interesting race. Stage 1 and Stage 3 was won by TCS and leaving the top 6 positions all within reach of an overall win with only 10 seconds between the lot.
In the end Brand got a second place and Philip a fith overall. Successful day for the Vets.

All-in-all a very enjoyable day on the bicycle. Then again…..I can’t think a ANY day on a bicycle that is not fun. But being in the bushveld and riding in summer sun is always a nice experience!

Next up the calendar will be the Jock cycle race in Baberton. Hard and hilly. Bring it!


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