Fun in the sun on the MTB.
Always a good idea me thinks!

So here is to lekker rides and good friends and smiles all around.

Good luck to everyone riding the Sani2C this week. Mia and Jaco will be kicking ass and taking names from Thursday onwards doing the “race” version. Pierre and his Demacon team mate will also be representing…….enjoy guys and girls!

Also we have the Bela-Bela or as it is currently known, the Sondela race on this weekend. Some of the young guns will be showing the nice kit there. Flat and fast. Enjoy!!

Be safe out there guys. It is getting a bit hairy out there at the moment with motorist being a tad more twitchy than usual.


Weekend 2013-09-11

Smell the weekend….almost here!
No racing in Pta which only means one thing……LONG training rides!

The weather is not looking to nice though….so let us see what happens.

A big Mountain Bike ride out to Rosemary Hill is planned for Sunday.
We will be meeting at 7am on the corner of Hans Strydom and Lynnwood. Bring R20 for entry and some money for coffee and cake after the ride.

Photoshoot and stuffs


So the proverbial “Small Saturday” becomes a holiday…..nice.
The racing snakes bar one or two with family responsibilities, went to Blue Pencil HQ to take some pictures.
Thanks to Carel from TCS, an old hand at photography, the pics came out perfect.

Thank you to all concerned.
The kit looks AWESOME!!