Sidi Ergo 2 review

Sidi Ergo 2

So a bit of a long term review………..
I bought my Sidi Ergo 2 shoes about 3 years ago at the local SA agents. I had previously owned DMT, Nike, Northwave and Shimano shoes. Compared to any of them, the Sidis were way more stiff. The sole of the Sidi is just rock solid.
I sometimes take a spin on the stationary bike in the man-cave and uses the old DMT shoes……WOW, the amount of flex you have with the DMTs…..scary!

30 000km and counting. And they still look like new. The white plastic did fade as expected………The warm Africa sun tends to do this.
The front end of the carbon sole has remarkably not that many scratches. I thought it would be more, clipping out at red lights etc. The only little damage I have on them is at the back of the heal. There the material has a bit of a scuff in it from all the shaving. For 30 000 odd kilos, I guess that is not so bad.

The shoes are narrow though. So a guy with big flat feet will suffer a bit.
Apart from that, the shoe is very comfy. I added the Pearl Izumi insoles and it fits like a charm. Way much better than the standard Sidi insole.

No hassles at all with the little clip on the side and adjustment is very easy and flawless.

All in all 9/10 shoe. Why not 10? They are pricey. The new Sidi Ergo Wires are R5 000.00 at this stage. So not cheap. Take that over 40 000km hopefully, a good investment.

Shoes in the same quality range out there on the market and perceptions I have of them:
* Giro – Very light.
* Fizik – Unknown in the market. One or two pro teams being sponsored with them on the Protour.
* Specialized – Heard a lot of good things about the 2013 but will only be in SA in about 6 Months time!!! Stiff, light, almost half the price of Sidi. Not as durable in seems.
* Gearne – Uncomfortable
* DMT – They still have to sorted out the tong on their shoes. Lots of blisters for me!
* Shimano – Personally I will NEVER buy Shimano in my life purely because they screwed me over on a set of STI levers under warranty many, many moons ago.
* Northwave – Awesome shoe. Average on price. More suited for wide feet. Only gripe on them is there isn’t a local agent that I know off.
I will be getting my Sidi Ergo Wire shoes on Monday. Report on them to follow soon……


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